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Improve Training Capability by All-in-One online learning system.

Everything you need for the Best Learning Experience are collected in CodexLearn Corporate Platform with the most plentiful and powerful function.

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Improve Employee Motivation to learn more by the best experience learning platform

Every function is designed by using user-centric approach to make sure that all users (admins, instructors, and learners) get the best experience.

Key Corporate Training features

Modern Learning Interface

Choose and Attend course easily via beautiful interface

Key Corporate Training features

Modern Learning Interface

Choose and Attend course easily via beautiful interface

Self-learn System

Learners can improve their potential by themselves via OnDemand videos, Text-books, Quizzes and assignments anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, Self-learn system can be used to combine with live or real session to create the best experience of learning.

Live Class System

For interactive learning, the system will lead learners to join classes and manage their schedule easier.

Learners can connect instructors and other learners via build-in live system or using zoom integrated

Progress Tracking

Real-time progress tracking helps learners know their progress and encourage their learning achievement. Administrator also can track every learner progress in order to measure learner’s performance and make sure required training is completed at a satisfactory level.

Evaluation / Assessment

Build your own evaluation form to survey your learners after course completed.


Create custom certificates to acknowledge the learning your learners have done.

Easy to mangage

Admin can manage courses, learners and instructors easily via Admin Page. Moreover, you can sync information to another system easily via API .